Our Story



We are sisters, best friends (despite swearing otherwise our entire childhood), and now very proud business partners. We have both always wanted to start our own businesses, but neither of us really had a specific idea in mind. That is, until the summer of 2016 when Lisa was pregnant with her first daughter. We live in sunny North Palm Beach, Florida and enjoy walking/running together, but as Lisa's belly grew, so did the temperature. Lisa was determined to stay fit throughout her pregnancy, but she struggled to find comfortable clothing options suitable for the heat. Leslie just as quickly grew tired of Lisa's complaining, so we decided to go into business together to create our own shorts and StayFit was born. 

After a lot of research, hard work, and late nights, we are thrilled to provide the only pair of shorts you will need before, during and after pregnancy. It has been a great journey so far and we look forward to growing our company. Thank YOU for being a part of this experience.